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Common Problems with Wine Coolers

Common Problems with Wine Coolers

Your wine cooler is one of the hardest working appliances in your house – keeping your wine safe, cool, and ready to drink 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So it’s inevitable that once in a while, a problem arises. Some of these problems may be simply remedied with a little know-how on your part, while other issues may require the services of a good appliance repair technician. Here’s how to tell the difference:
  • Cooler not working at all. First, check the cooler’s connection to power. Has the cord come out of the outlet? Is the outlet working? Have you blown a fuse or flipped a breaker? If the power is connected, make sure that you haven’t accidentally switched off the cooler. Check all switches. If it appears to be something more serious, call a repair company.
  • Cooler not cold enough. There are a number of different problems that can cause this to happen. First, make sure your temperature control is set high enough, and that the door is shut properly. Opening the door too often or for lengthy periods can cause too much warm air in the cooler. If your door seal is worn or broken, the cooler will have trouble maintaining its temperature. A professional should repair the door seal to ensure that it’s exact.
  • Water in the cooler. This may occur when the cooler is not cold enough and may be caused by some of the same problems as above. However, water leaks can also indicate major problems, so it’s best to call in a repair technician.
  • Fan cutting in too frequently. The fan on most coolers can cycle through on/off at frequent intervals if the temperature is set low. Most times when you think the fan is running too much, it’s just doing its job. The time to be concerned is when the fan is not cycling at all. This requires professional help.
  • Cooler making strange sounds. There are a few wine cooler sounds that are perfectly normal, including a crackling noise, which can be made by a coolant or a gurgling noise, which is merely the sound of fluid circling in the pipes at the end of a cycle. Routine expansion of the cooler walls can also make a clicking or cracking sound. If the sound you hear is louder or more pronounced, make sure that the cooler is sitting levelly.
  • Frost. If you notice frost building up in your unit, try unplugging and defrosting the cooler. It may be a one-time problem. However, if it recurs, call a repair service.
  • Interior light burnt out. Although this would seem to be an easy fix, in fact the bulbs are difficult to source, and changing them can be tricky. If you need to ask for help, know that you are not alone.

The Right Repair Company

If you’re experiencing the common problems with wine coolers and need to call a technician, look for a company that has experience with wine coolers, and with the brand you own. Try to find a company that offers same-day service since you’ll want to get back on track as soon as possible. And superior companies in the Greater Toronto Area will offer you guaranteed satisfaction service as well as a good warranty on labour and parts.

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